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Vertical Real Estate Agents in Sri Lanka


Our Mission

Make vertical living, the way of living.


Our Approach

Bringing real time updates of high-rise apartments directly to you.


Our Philosohy

In the current era, urbanization is happening at a rapid pace and customers are seeking a higher quality of life. Our philosophy is based around guiding and nurturing individuals to make vertical living an ideal investment aimed at improving their quality of life.

About Us

We are Sri Lanka's largest vertical real estate marketplace

Connecting all the high-rise apartment and development projects directly to you. Get detailed information in a few clicks. Filter through the range of available options and seamlessly select your most ideal vertical home. Enjoy the full range of benefits, features, amenities, and more that we offer our customers in order to help you make a smarter decision.

We make it our priority to list only the most reputed and trusted apartment developers that people and institutions have their full confidence in. Let Gloveh assist you with Finding that dream apartment home and turning it into your reality. Find your ideal apartment home in just a click

How We Can Help You Make Buying an Apartment Home Easier

Our team is passionate towards finding that dream apartment home, you are looking for and turning it into your reality. From advising and servicing to negotiating the final offer, we at Gloveh will do what we do best, which is to assist and add convenience to your final purchasing decision.

Detailed Information
24/7 Customer Care Assistance
Referral Incentives
Easy Payment Options
Live Updates & Progress on Projects
Negotiation with Developers
Assistance with Home Financing & Legal
Special Request Coordination
Interior Design Services

Why Developers Choose Us?

We give our developers a platform to market their high-rise apartment projects to potential buyers across the world. By showcasing their developments and providing detailed information, customers are able to make faster and more informed decisions. By understanding customer requests, developers are able to offer more personalised services through the platform. Through our data analytics studio, developers can optimise on their marketing activities and keep their development projects updated with accurate, detailed, and presentable information.

Services We Provide

Our goal is to provide a range of digital services that enable potential apartment owners and
high-rise apartment developers to make smarter decisions on vertical real estate


Marketing Analaysis

We will use our data analytics studio tool to optimize on marketing efforts and organize information in an accurate and relevant manner. This will be done throughout the apartment development stage to the point where the project is fully complete and occupied.


Apartment Brokerage

End-to-end apartment brokerage services to give potential buyers the best chance at finding their next vertical living home, in a professional and timely manner.


Marketing Services

Real estate marketing services through digital marketing and content creation to effectively promote and sell apartment units in the most informative and interactive manner possible

Find The Developers With The Finest Vertical Living