Urbanization and its impact on metropolitan cities

Urbanization and its impact on metropolitan cities.

Urbanization is continuously growing in Sri Lanka, the population of Colombo has increased by 1.16% since 2019. The common belief that urban areas contribute far more pollution may be misconstrued with studies showing that urban areas are more efficient and less effort is needed to provide basic necessities to the inhabitants.

Urbanization also leads to a higher standard of living by having access to superior health facilities, a range of brands in a competitive market which results in receiving the best value for your money and a higher income. This comes about due to the majority of the corporate jobs being in the midst of urban areas and also the best education organizations are in the city which gives city dwellers a better education and better job opportunities. Statistics show that despite having a high population, the average income of the population in Colombo is higher than the average income of the rest of the population in Sri Lanka. 72.9% of the people in the top 20% in terms of income are from Colombo indicating that the opportunities in a metropolitan city supersedes that of other cities.


Vertical living is fast becoming popular and each complex is home to its own community where everyone is interdependent on each other as they share the same facilities and provide a sense of security for each other. These is non-inclusive of the 24/7 security that is provided for each and every complex without fail and being in the metropolitan proximity, accessibility to other essential places are not much of an issue

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