The lifestyle you can experience with apartments in Sri Lanka

Apartments in Sri Lanka with stunning views

Most of us dream to own a beautiful home surrounded by a view that can add value to the property and to our life. As a result, we expect a home with an ocean or high rise city view when we invest in a property. Because apartments in Sri Lanka with views are calming, they add value to the property and improve the quality of our life.

The coast of Sri Lanka and the panoramic view it offers, the skyscrapers of city living, and the growing port city are views you wouldn’t want to miss. Waking up in the morning and seeing a sunrise or waves breaking can completely alter your mood as a person's surroundings can influence their mood. Lovely dinners that overlook the sea or resting on a balcony at night to watch the city lights is truly a unique experience.

The multitude of apartments in Sri Lanka

Waterfront apartments in Sri Lanka such as Colombo City Centre Residences , Altair, Capitol Twinpeaks are in high demand because of their panoramic views, resulting in rapid value increase. The residences are conveniently located in the heart of Colombo with near access to leading schools, hospitals, banks and other financial institutions, as well as luxury hotels and shopping malls. Residents can enjoy the finest views of the Beira Lake, the Indian Ocean, the bustling metropolis, as well as the statuesque Lotus Tower, Port City and magnificent sunrises and sunsets.

Capitol TwinPeaks is another high-rise residential luxury living opportunity. Within walking distance of the financial and business sector of Colombo, banks, schools, restaurants, and embassies, it offers magnificent views of the Indian Ocean, Beira Lake, Colombo Port City, Colombo Harbour, Lotus Tower, and the Colombo Cityscape.

Altair is a structure of art in the heart of Colombo, making your dreams a reality. This 240m edifice masterpiece in the centre of Colombo with a commanding presence and panoramic views of the city, Indian Ocean, and the elegant lake is simply awe inspiring. An investment of a lifetime as you wake up to the heartwarming views of the Beira Lake landscape.

The fresh 146 Residencies located in Thalawathugoda, a suburban city located just a short ride away from bustling Colombo, is an ideal place to put down your roots and envision your morning run amidst the luscious paddy fields.

Beachfront properties in Sri Lanka

Surfers, beach walkers, and sunset enthusiasts can all agree on one thing: living by the beach is the best thing you could wish for! Indeed, beachfront apartments make lovely residences. Walking by the beach when the sun is setting with the soft sand sinking in your feet with your loved ones, those memories will definitely hold a special place in your heart. The fact that you are close enough to the beach to enjoy an evening picnic, sneak in a morning surf session or watch the beauty of surfers breaking the waves is incredible. Even if you are unable to visit the beach as frequently as you would want, the view will make your beachfront condo worthwhile.

Some of the apartments in Sri Lanka such as Elysian Mirissa, Serenia residences Talpe, Crystal Sands, Dusti Thani located in the south coast of Sri Lanka have a very unique way of living. The beautiful environment with the best people around the coast is the definition for peace.

How can Gloveh assist you?

When choosing a vertical home, Gloveh allows you to prepare in advance the view you will experience in some of the finest apartments in Sri Lanka. Find the ideal apartment home and choose the view that pleases you the most. You can also see different views at different altitudes and pick that unit to live. And the best part is that all this can be done in just a few clicks.

Vertical living provides a lot of convenience for its residents. With Gloveh and our proprietary software, you can easily find an apartment that fits your requirements and personality. Contact one of our agents to find out more about how Gloveh can help you purchase your dream apartment today!